One of those days…

Do you ever wake up one morning and think, “This SUCKS.”

I did. I haven’t been sleeping well lately. So I’m rather cranky. I got up this morning and thought, I hate my clothes. I hate my car. I hate my job.

Okay, maybe hate is a strong word. Let’s just say I had a serious strong dislike for everything around me today. I can’t help but think – is this all there is? Is this it? Am I done?

I’m frustrated and annoyed. And it looks like the book signing is not going to happen. At least for me. And it’s really kind of a double-edged sword. My book is out of stock (YAY!) but the publisher doesn’t know when it will print again (BOO) and they can’t guarantee it will be printed for the February signing (CRY).

I guess there’s not much I can do about it. Except feel like I’m on the outside look in again.


Yeah! That’s exactly how I feel! (Image courtesy of EmotionEric.Com.)


On another happier note…I managed to get in 2200 words the other night on Take Me I’m Yours. I’m in the home stretch and busted 41K. I think there are only one or two chapters left. I’m wrapping it up.

Except I still don’t have an end.

But I’m starting to get an inkling of one, so that’s good.

My first grader has to do an oral report on Colin Powell and he has to make a poster on poster board and everything. We started the process last night and it was excruciating to say the least. Getting your 6 year old to write small and clear and NOT smudge on the poster board is next to impossible. I should have just done it. But then, that’s just not right is it? We have to finish tonight and then practice his presentation for the class. Oof.

I forgot when I reproduced I signed up for school projects all over again.

PS – Tomorrow is Free Book Friday!

By Michelle

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