I’m so glad it’s Friday I could cry.

For the first time in a very long time, I had to call in sick to work on Wednesday. I have been fighting this upper respiratory thing for a couple of days but if finally took its toll on me. I doped myself up and laid on the couch and watched Rear Window with James Stewart and Grace Kelly. Then I went and crawled in bed and slept for about three hours. I work up at 4 still groggy and feeling lethargic.

I decided it was the allergy medication making me feel that way so I stopped taking it. By Thursday afternoon, I felt nearly normal. I’m still coughing, though not nearly as bad, and have daily headaches. The headaches are from (a) coughing too much and (b) sinus pressure. It sucks, actually.

So I didn’t get any words in on Wednesay and Thursday was a game of catch-up at work. I waded through the email and got caught up. The banquet is nearing and we have a ton of stuff to do still. I have lots and lots of printing to get done for certificates and name tags and what not. I started setting up the certificates today.

Anyway, that’s boring and enough of that.

After I picked up the Sweetie Boy on Thursday, we headed to the store so I could pick up some of the items I needed to make my pumpkin bars for the Thanksgiving potluck at work. The recipe is very easy and they came out so yummy. I even made the icing.

The recipe says to wait until completely cooled to cut and put on the icing. Of course, I couldn’t wait that long. They were almost cooled when I cut them into squares and put the cream cheese icing on them. They still fell apart somewhat as I iced them. Oh well. There was one casualty for sure. And besides, I had to test them to make sure they were fit to take to the office. 🙂

I’m taking them to my mom’s of Thanksgiving as well because they are super easy to make. Besides, we have way too many pies and stuff for dessert. This will be something different since it’s sort of a cake.

I did get my website updated the other day. Oh and I’m shopping around for a new blog template to try out. I’m thinking I need a facelift. What do you think?

By Michelle

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