Was it just me? Or was this the Longest Day Known To Man?

Thursday the school called and told me my kiddo failed a hearing test. So that was fun. We rushed off to the doctor only to learn we have Ear Infection #3. I’m sure that’s why he has consistently failed the test – because they keep testing him when he has clogged up ears!

After nearly a two hour wait – yeah, folks, you heard that right – TWO FREAKING HOURS – in the doctor’s office, we finally got to see him. For all of 20 minutes, I shouldn’t complain too much. He never runs behind THAT much. My child was nearly beside himself by the time the doctor came in though. He was a total whine-pot. Made me crazy. Anyway, we’re on antibiotics and Zyrtec again. We have to go back for a recheck in 6 weeks. I hope it’s cleared up by then. Enough is enough, already.

It’s this crazy-effing weather. One day it’s 75 degrees and the next it’s 45. No lie. Winter can’t decide if it’s coming or going. And Spring wants to creep back in every few days. WTF?

In other news… I haven’t written a single damn word in three days. This sucks. And I was doing SO well on my goals and keeping motivated. And now – POOF – gone. I have to record this in my daily writing diary too and it sucks. It looks awful seeing that big fat zero there. I’m disappointed in myself. I only managed to write every day for a week. I must do better.

So much for getting Take Me I’m Yours done this week.

I hope to get some writing in tonight since the kiddo is on the Wii playing Star Wars. He told me this morning the “plan for today” was that he was going to stay up late and play Wii and then added, “Okay, Mom?” snicker

I was feeling out of sorts most of the day. A slight headache and very…well…depressed. I think I have a case of the post-Christmas-and-broke blues. I was talking with a fellow writer pal and she and I agreed that’s what it is.

I was really ticked – and unhappy – when I received my electric bill for December. Now, I have 1300 sqft house and the effing bill was $238. What is UP with that? I keep my house on 70 and that’s it. I don’t run it any higher than that. In fact, my honey complains I keep the house too cold when he comes over. (What he doesn’t realize is that I have an ulterior motive – I want to snuggle up real close to him…hehehe It totally helps he smells good.)

So I’m ticked about that.

And don’t even get me started about the price of gas. I just love that the gas companies are ripping us off and making a profit of $40 million every fucking quarter. Yes, I said the F word in all its glory. But I’m sick of being bled dry by the oil and gas business. Quite frankly, they can shove it up their ass.

Of course that doesn’t stop me from driving. Because, you know, I have to get to work somehow and pay for the fucking electric bill that’s ridiculously high.

I think I’m bitchy. Not sure, though.


I was planning to get my bathrooms remodeled this year, but it’s already looking like my life is going to basically suck financially for the next 12 months. So that’s out. I need to concentrate on other things anyway – like getting out of debt and saving money. I want to take a real vacation someday and the only way that’s going to happen is if I get some of this bills paid off.

So I’ve decided to do something radical. I’ve taken every single credit card I own – which is quite a stack of plastic – and put them all in an envelope. Then I sealed the envelope with packing tape. Then I put a rubber band around it. Then I’m taking it down to the bank – my honey’s – and putting them in his safety deposit box (don’t worry – he’s the most trustworthy guy I’ve ever known…I’d trust him with my life. In fact, I’d trust him with my kid’s life – now that’s saying something). Out of sight, out of mind and I better have a damn good emergency for getting them out and using them. Right?

And from this point forward, I’m on a strictly cash only basis. If I can’t buy it with cash, then I can’t buy it. Period.

It helps that I’m this close to getting my stove paid off. And I’ve only had that a year. I bought it on two years no interest and nearly killed myself trying to get the balance paid in full. I want that bill gone! Hopefully it will be in the next few months. Then I can concentrate on some other nasty bills.

Okay, I think I’ve rambled enough for one night. Tomorrow morning is my RWA meeting. Which reminds me…I have some things I need to get done for that. And I just realized I forgot to check my mailbox.

Guess I better get to it.

By Michelle

I wish you all could be inside my head. The conversation is sparkling.