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Hey I’m blogging today over at the Chicas! So if you stopped by last week to give me a list of words, stop on over and see what I managed to come up with. Um. Yeah. It’s…different.

You know what’s TOTALLY annoying? When you get a package that says “Open Here” but clearly the perforations DON’T bloody work and you spend the next fifteen minutes ripping and tearing and trying like hell to get to the shit you want to OPEN!

Yesterday, because I had cabin fever and because there was only water left on the roads, I made a trip to Walgreen’s (LOVE the Walgreen’s company and PS CVS can kiss my butt) because I was out of AA batteries and because my keyboard and mouse were dying a slow painful death and it was totally ticking me off that I couldn’t click on ANYTHING and when I typed the keyboard would drop letters s I wld b typng lke ths.


I went to Walgreen’s, freezing my happy ass off but going because I needed the batteries (and you have to remember, I’m from Texas, so if it gets below 60 degrees, I need a jacket – and it was a high of 30 yesterday) and I get them and the idiot moron dude in front of me can’t seem to decide which bloody video tape he needs for his camcorder. Um. Hello? Don’t you usually figure that out BEFORE you get in the checkout? But whatever. The hired help there actually had a brain and another lady opened another register and I escape back to my hole with my 16 count batteries in hand. Because you can never have too many AAs. Right?


So I get inside and my feet are cold and my hands are cold – even though I did manage to wear gloves – and there are these little perforations on the back of the batteries with a punch out that says “OPEN HERE”. And OF COURSE it doesn’t work so I spent the next few minutes ripping and tearing with cold fingers and then give up and get the kitchen scissors and it still takes me for-freaking-ever to get all the cardboard torn/cut away. FINALLY I do and then I try to pull open the little plastic cover thingy that’s encasing my precious batteries and I tug and I pull to no avail. I give it one good jerk and guess what? Batteries went flying EVERYWHERE.


At least I got the bastid open.

I’m not exactly sure the batteries helped my clicking problem though. It might be a faulty mouse. Methinks it might be time to retire the thing.

Anyway. I can’t believe how goofy the weather folks are. I watched the evening news on Tuesday and they said we MIGHT get a few flurries in the morning, but all the precip was going to the south of us. Well, we all know how that went on Wednesday. Waking up to about an inch of snow…yeah, you idiot weather folks WERE WRONG. That’s why they’re meteorologists in Texas. Because the weather report usually goes something like this: “It’s hot. It’s humid. Wear sunscreen and a hat.”

You know…I think I could do that for a living.

And here’s another thing I don’t get. Every school district in the Metroplex was closed. Every one, that is, except for Dallas ISD. Hello? Even Fort Worth ISD was closed! And when they got the dude from the DISD on the phone to ask about their decision, the guy says, “Well, it was a decision we made early on and we decided to stick with it.” Okay, so, what? You can’t change your mind? And then they had the nerve to complain about all the absences in the schools. Well, freaking DUH!

Apparently, the Superintendent of schools doesn’t make the final decision, they have people who go around to the neighborhoods and “check” the roads and check with TxDOT on road conditions. They decide whether or not it’s safe to get to the schools and whether or not the buses are going to run. WHATEVER. I mean, what idiot looks outside with 1-2 inches of snow and ice on the ground and says, “HEY! I think we’ll have classes today! And start at REGULAR time!” I know if it were me, there would be no way my kid was getting on a bus just to appease the school district.


Another day of being stuck at home has once again shown me that I need human contact to feel complete. hehe I find that I start talking to myself, the cat, and other inanimate objects and that’s just weird. Though I suppose it’s not any more weird than having conversations in your head with people you make up.

Slow progress on the dragon story, but some progress to report. I guess I have too much going on upstairs to really focus on the writing, which is not a good thing. Sometimes it’s hard for me to divide up work/personal/misc things and put it aside so I can concentrate on dragons, sexy heroes, and sassy heroines. Oh yeah, and hot sex.  

All right, that’s it for me. I’m off to brave the roads and get to work. Do you think they could give me an IV of coffee? 

By Michelle

I wish you all could be inside my head. The conversation is sparkling.