Out of Control

Okay. So. I discovered after paying my bills last night I might have overextended myself a wee bit. But I’m not going to panic it. Nope. Not me. Not yet. I have a plan. Sort of.

It involves no credit cards and paying off the debt. Yes. That’s what it involves.

I gotta say, though, the stove was a much needed item. I was looking at the beat up on the other night and realized that one side is being held up by a block of wood. How nice is that. Yeah. It was time to retire that sucker. I just absolutely cannot WAIT until I get the new one.

Which brings me to my over-extension. I have no interest for 24 months, so that means I need to schedule my payments out and figure out how to pay the thing off in 24 months. I figured out how much I would have to pay a month to make that happen. And it’s not a terribly large amount either, which is nice. (It’s becuase I went for the middle-of-the-line stove instead of the top-of-the-line.)

I have to remind myself that just because I have oodles of credit cards DOES NOT mean I have oodles of buying power. Well, it DOES, but then I’ll be in a real pickle. Filing bankruptcy is just not an option. It’s the Credit Kiss of Death.

Anyway. Speaking of spending… I had a gift card so I got the new Norah Jones and the new Loreena McKennitt. I have to say, I was right pleased with the new Loreena. An Ancient Muse really does pick up where Book of Secrets left off and it’s a wonderful musical journey. It kept me calm while I paid bills and made a budget.

So yeah, my spending may have gotta a little out of hand. BUT I have so many things to show for it. The house is coming along beautifully and I just couldn’t be more pleased.

I’m happy it’s Friday. I have a busy weekend ahead and I’m looking forward to it. Tonight, the Sweetie Boy and I will be hanging out, as well as on Sunday. Best Good Friend and I are taking the kiddos to the movies.

Happy Friday!

By Michelle

I wish you all could be inside my head. The conversation is sparkling.