Out With the Old…

So. It’s now 2008. What does that mean for me?

Well, for starters…it means new writing goals I’m determined to stick to. That’s the biggest resolution I’ve made. Well, that and getting out of debt. But that’s always on the list. šŸ˜‰

I tried to start the new year with a clean house. A clean desk. A clean office. Clutter-free. So far, so good! I got my newsletter out to my subscribers this morning as well. It’s all about goals!

But as for writing…I got this daily planner from a friend for Christmas. I’ve dubbed it my “writing planner” because I’m making daily notations in it on my daily word count. My goal every day is 1000 words. Today I wrote for an hour and I managed to get in… 1758 words. WOO! It felt good. I actually sat down and got into the story and wrote while my son played on the Wii and shouted to me from the living room. It proved that yes I can write with distraction.

I don’t know how well yet, though, since I haven’t proofed that chapter. hehe

As for 2008… I have a list of manuscripts I’d like to (a) finish and (b) write. I’m going to check them off as I get them done. I’d like to be finished with Take Me I’m Yours by the end of the week, but that may be pressing things a bit. We’ll see how it goes. If I can keep the momentum going, maybe I can get close. And since my kiddo will be with his dad this weekend, maybe I can knock it out.

My next order of business will be The Magic Within. Yes, that tired old thing. I’m determined. Even after six years of the on-again/off-again affair I’ve had with the story. I think I’ve finally figured it out. Of course, I could be fooling myself and it’ll all change again by the time I get to it.

In other news… took the kiddo to see National Treasure: Book of Secrets today. It was an annoying theater experience. I stood in the Slowest Concession Stand Line Known To Man. Seriously. I don’t think that kid could have gotten any slower. It was life-sucking. It made me want to mash in line. It made me want to fall on a sword. I’m sure you get the idea.

We FINALLY get through that line with our drink, candy and popcornĀ (and hey-I had a coupon for a free popcorn!) and then we had to stand in yet another line to wait for the theater to get cleaned so we could find our seats. We always sit at the very top row (because I hate when people kick my seat). People were still flooding into the theater wel after the house lights lowered.Ā There wasn’t an empty seat in the place. (Except for the first two rows and who the hell wants to sit there?)

And by the time the previews started, I realized I had to visit the loo. I was shocked. This had never ever happened to me before. I always plan ahead because I (a) never want to leave the movie once it starts and (b) it’s hard to leave the theater when you have your six-year-old becuase you can’t leave him there and it’s a pain in the arse to take him with you. And since he’s so young, IĀ can’t leave him alone nor can I not take himĀ in the bathroom with me.

It’s a dilemma for sure.Ā 

So I was miserable for just over two hours. I mean I was in serious bladder pain! And the movie just seemed to drag on and on and on. It wasn’t nearly as entertaining as the first one though I have to admit it was still somewhat entertaining. Helen Mirren was good and the guy who plays Riley is always humorous.Ā  There was one really cool car chase in London but it lacked the action and adventure of the first one.

And I had to pee. Bad.

By the time the movie was over I ran to the nearest bathroom. And here’s what kills me. There was a line (of course!) and these two broads were standing there waiting while there were two empty stalls. Okay, so yeah. I’m gonna say something. And she looked at me as if the lightbulb in her head just went off. “Oh, yeah! Thanks!”

Daffy broad.

I’m sure this is way more information than anyone wanted…

Anyway, while waiting in line, my son says to me, “Mom, I can wait outside.”


As we were getting in the car, I explained to him why he has to go with me–becuase I can’t leave him alone since he’s too little.

“But, Mom,” he says, “I will just tell people not to take me.”

Yeah, I’m so sure that would work. So we had the Stranger-Danger talk again. And I think I got more gray hair.

Oh, and did I mention the incredibly creepy guy that was hanging aroundĀ outside the theater? I noticed him as we walked up. He actually leered at me as I went by and said something. I squeezed my kid’s hand tighter and just kept walking, ignoring him. I was glad he was gone when we went back to the car.

Aside from all that – yeah! The movie was great!

So far 2008 has started off quite interesting…

P.S. I’ve totally given up on Zokutou word meter. It never seems to want to work anymore. So I’ve switched to using Writertopia’s. It works!

By Michelle

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