Quote Du Jour:
“Are you sure it isn’t time for a colorful metaphor?”
–Spock, Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home

So… stayed up until midnight last night. Part of it was chatting away for a couple of hours (hehehe…it WAS fun, wasn’t is, Lara?); the other part was because when I finally did crawl into bed, I was so wound up I couldn’t sleep. I started reading Katie MacAlister’s You Slay Me. Her writing style is so great that she just sucks you right in. And of course, I read until my eyelids were heavy.

Which was midnight.

I heard the alarm go off this morning. I really did. I thought I hit snooze, but apparently I just turned the thing off.

Now I’m usually out the door by seven. So imagine my horror when I lifted my head and the clock read 6:53.


I literally JUMPED out of bed, gathered the clothes I planned to wear today (at least I already knew!), and ran through the shower. I did a quick make-up job and then dried my hair for about two seconds before I dashed upstairs.

I have to get my son ready too, and, luckily, he was already awake this morning. I told him to get up, that I overslept. He looks at me and says, “Mom, were you running in the house?”


I get him dressed in record time, we dash down the stairs. Gather our things and we’re out the door. I lock it, get him in this car seat and then realize I forgot his glasses. Curse. I have to run back inside and get his glasses.

Out of the driveway, we’re down the road. I do 45 in a 40 to get to the sitter. I contemplate Starbucks, but there’s no time. Drop him off at the sitter and off I go. Good thing it’s 80 degrees outside because my hair is still quite damp.

Back in the car, I contemplate Starbucks again but, still, there’s no time.

I do 60 in a 35 and get to the freeway. Then I do 85 in a 60. Approaching the curve from hell where I have to cross three lanes in 2.3 seconds to make my exit. I hold my breath and dive. Luckily, there was a hole and I made it through unscathed. All the while Van Halen is blasting through my speakers.

Get to work, pull into my favorite space and breath a sigh of relief.

I’m still contemplating Starbucks, even though I have a cup of coffee in front of me. Maybe a frappacino for an afternoon snack…

Anyway… wrote two issues of the romance serial yesterday. I am FIVE issues away from completion. FIVE, I tell you. FIVE! Ecstatic. I hope to get those done next week. I haven’t turned in the two yet. I want to make sure I have good continuity throughout the next five. Plus I gotta wrap up all the loose ends. In some ways, I’ll be sad when it’s over because it’s been a big part of me for the last year. In other ways, I am RELIEVED.

Got about 2000 words on the WIP, too. Excitement. Love it.

Been thinking about what to write next once the jousting novel is finished. I think I should start on the sequel to the fantasy novel since it IS in the hands of an editor (not that she’s going to buy it or anything.. but.. just in case).

I have a proposal going out today, so best get to it.


By Michelle

I wish you all could be inside my head. The conversation is sparkling.