Painter’s Remorse

I finally started feeling better late yesterday and had a burst of energy. So I decided to paint the kitchen that beautiful caramel color.

Oh.My.God. It looks awful. Just awful. And I think it’s because it’s a semi-gloss and not a flat (I wanted to be able to clean it if it got dirty), and the fact that it’s such a dark color it’s hard to get good coverage. AND the fact I was using the wrong roller to being with (not one for semi-rough surfaces). (I had to run to Lowe’s last night to get new rollers and while I was there I had visions of the cat running through the wet paint and getting caramel-color kitty pawprints all over the house. Oh and I had left the back door wide open in my haste for the right rollers. DOH. Anyway…)

Damn it.

All I can do now is continue. It’s nearly finished. I have one more wall to complete plus some edging and then it’s done. But oh my god, it looks horrifying. And the worst part is… I’m having people over in a few weeks for a housewarming. How embarrassing!

In one part of the wall, you can definitely tell where it was patch and the color just won’t cover it. It looked okay white. But not now.

Guess it’s back to the Wall of Terror. 

By Michelle

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