Painting Disaster Abated

Hey I’m blogging over at ShoeIQ so please go check it out. This week’s entry is all about a yummy shoe. Literally!

Well the kitchen actually came out okay. A couple of coats and one $15 paint brush later, it looks much better. Still kinda sloppy but at least the walls don’t look splotchy. At first I really hated the color but now it’s starting to grow on me. There are some places I need to touch up still but that’s a project for next weekend I think.

Okay now I simply must vent. I work in an office where several of us share a printer. It’s common courtesy to refill the printer when the drawer is empty. At least – that’s what I thought. But apprently, it’s beneath some people to do this. And it annoys me. BIG TIME. I mean, how hard is it to put a freaking ream of paper in the printer for God’s sake?

It seems there are only two of us who fill it up on a regular basis. And the person who runs it out of paper every single day cannot be bothered to put paper in it.

Oh sure – it sounds like a little thing. A pet peeve. But when it’s a daily occurence, it becomes a big thing. A very big thing. A thing that drives you mad until you can’t see straight. A thing that makes you want to walk right up to that person and punch them right in the head.

I really don’t have violent tendencies but this person is driving me to it. This person needs a swift kick in the ass. (Gender concealed to protect the guilty.)

Anyway… it’s annoying.

The cat, I think, must have been lonely for me the two days I was gone. He hung out with me quite a bit and was insisting on sitting in my lap. His new thing is hanging out with me in the bathroom in the morning while I get ready for work. He lays on the bath mat and just chills. It’s so cute. That is, until I get the hair dryer out and then he’s outta there.

I can’t believe it’s Monday morning again. It came too fast. But then, I got to bed late (again). Saw My Guy briefly last night.

And the Dallas Stars won this weekend. They’re 5-0-0. The shootout last night against Anaheim (may I say their new logo is just awful?) was greatness. Zubie and Jokinen are definitely our best when it comes to the shootout.

Okay gotta go work. I need coffee!

By Michelle

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