Permanent Farewells

On Sunday morning, history will be made in Irving, Texas. If you live in the area, you know it’s the end of an era. The end of greatness. The end of a place that meant so much to so many people.

The end of Texas Stadium. Where America’s team played for years and won numerous Superbowls. Where the hole in the roof was lengendary. There was nothing retractable about this roof, no sir. It was just a hole.

It’s sad, really. I find myself mourning the loss. I can’t imagine driving to see my mother and not passing the stadium that’s always been there like a silent friend on days that Cowboys didn’t play. It’s like another stab in the heart to see it imploded. It stood over 30 years, home of the Cowboys and out beloved Tom Landry. How will we go on?

Oh, yes. That’s right. We have Jerry World now. Also known as The Death Star or The Stadium. I just can’t bring myself to go there. Oh, sure, I know it’s awesome and huge and glamorous. It’s just Jerry Jones’ way of showing off how much money he has. (More money than sense.) Do you know what we have had to go through to get it? Millions of dollars spent on it. People’s homes leveled. A freeway widened. Traffic nightmares. Not to mention the fact they built it right next to the Ballpark in Arlington and Six Flags Over Texas. Does Arlington really NEED more traffic?

But I digress. On Sunday, Texas Stadium will be no more. I think we need a moment of silence in its honor.

R.I.P. Texas Stadium.

By Michelle

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