Phantom & Other Stuff

Quote of the Day:
After you detect and correct and error, you will discover you were right all along.
-Horton’s Laws

Phantom of the Opera last night was fantastic. The set was awesome, the singing was beautiful, and it was just cool. Mom and I had a great time.

I do have a complaint though – people who are late to the theater and parade through as the show is getting underway. Can’t you get there on time? You know it starts at 8 (and in fact, it started just after), so what’s up?

We saw all sorts of outfits. Everything from jeans and flip-flops to tuxedos and formal dresses. I don’t get the whole jeans and flip-flops thing. But that’s just me. Mom and I dressed in black velvet. I wore the black shoes, by the way, since I was carrying a black evening bag.

I have to say, people wear some of the most horrid outfits. They dress like shit, quite frankly, and they’re going to the theater looking like this. I know the sticker price on the tickets and I don’t get why these people are sitting on the front row looking like they just walked off the beach. And women wear the ugliest shoes, too. But I won’t go there. 😉

Back to Writing
I have a new writing crux and it’s the ellipses. That little dot dot dot. You know – it looks like this: … I’ve noticed in my editing stage of MAGIC and the serial I use it quite a bit. And it annoys me so if it annoys me, it MUST annoy the reader.

I’ve been going through editing them out and using dashes when appropriate. Sometimes I just take it out altogether. Other times, I sit and think “WTF? Why do I keep using this?”

Anyway, so I’m fixing it.

Got plugged over at Magick Musings and Voodoo’s Room. So check ‘em out when you have a sec.

And one last thing before I go. The best text message I ever got was this one: It smells like boys and big red gum in here

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