Photo Finish

Some of you may recall I got a fancy new camera for Christmas. I enjoy being an amateur photographer in my space time. This camera takes really excellent photos and I love it.

Earlier this year, the city in which I live held a photo contest for their parks and rec department. I figured, on a whim, I’d enter and see what would happen. The requirements were to take photos of the city’s parks and trails. Easy enough, right? So armed with a map of the city’s parks, husband, son and I went on a quest for the best photos of the city. We hit probably six parks and I took over 300 photos. I had to whittle that down to three – the max for entries. It was hard because I wanted to make sure I sent something that would be picked. But I selected some and sent them in by the deadline which was early July.

The winners were supposed to be announced shortly thereafter and notified by email. Well July came and went and I hadn’t heard anything so I figured I didn’t make the final cut and forgot about it. Then a few days ago I got an email from the parks department saying that my photo had been selected for their website. I was very excited! Originally, they were going to make a calendar but I think decided they couldn’t select a mere 12 photos so they opted to use them on their website. At any rate, I was excited to get to the final round and see my picture on the web.

There’s another photo contest sponsored by the National Park Service – photos of any national parks. Since we visited several this summer, maybe I should give that one a try too! 🙂

By Michelle

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