Plot Board

Over the last few days, I’ve been working on plotting my fantasy book. This is the YA though, knowing me, it’ll switch to a fantasy romance. hehe We’ll see how it goes. I deliberately did NOT put in any romantic elements as scene cards. I’m going to let the story take it’s course, but follow the cards as close as possible.

You’ll notice a few holes. Those are the four missing scenes I need to fill the space to finish out the story. However, in reading over them last night, I realized I probably have enough story to sustain a 70,000 word book. Awesome.

So tonight is the night. I’m going to officially start writing once again on the book. Or rather writing/editing, since this is a rewrite. I’m ready to get started again and I’m getting excited about facing the page once more. I’m already thinking of other story ideas.

The cat was very interested in the plot board last night. He kept petting himself on it. I guess he’s decided it’s his. hehe

Last night was Meet The Teacher night. I’m getting fairly irked with the school records – it seems they think I don’t exist and I was STILL not listed on the school records. I was not happy about that. However, his teacher seems really nice. I can only hope for a good year this year.

And…am I the only one annoyed by the dumb questions the NBC folks ask of the athletes in the Olympics after an event? “What was going through your mind when

?” or “What was your emotion when
?” Or even, “What are you feeling now?” Especially of the ones who didn’t medal or final. And the one that REALLY got under my skin was the broad that interviewed the divers after the semifinals and finals. Especially our gal who didn’t make the finals. She was so upset and sad and all I wanted to do was hug that little girl and here’s this woman asking what was going through her mind. I so wanted to slap her.

Okay that’ sit for me. We have a busy weekend ahead. Happy Friday everyone!

By Michelle

I wish you all could be inside my head. The conversation is sparkling.