Plugging Away

Yesterday I read about 40 pages of the WIP/revision. I had a lot of rewriting to do. Plus I moved a large chunk from one place to another so it would make more sense. Which required almost an entire overhaul of the scene/chapter. I did those edits by hand so when I got to the computer, I only made it through about half of them. I still have some pages to get done in the electronic version. Even so, I printed out the next 40 pages for a thorough read-through and handwritten edits. Once I’m done with the revision, I’ll need to print it all out again and read through from start to finish. Blech. 🙂

It’s slow going but at least I’m making progress.

Plus I added some of my favorite classical music to my iPod for betting writing chi. It’s working. 😉

The other day while wandering through Starbucks with the Man, I got a new idea for story. It’s still percolating though and I have nothing concrete. No plot yet, just the glimmer of an idea. The beginning of something. It will most likely require lots of worldbuilding. However, this new idea will have to get in line. I have two more stories to finish once the revision is done and resubmitted (November 1 – target date!).

Next in line is the time travel/historical. And after that the space opera. Lots of things to get written and done! Plus I’d like to do a couple more shorter contemporary pieces. Like resurrecting the old serial and putting it in three novellas. Of course most of that research is out of date since I set it in Las Vegas about, oh, five years ago (has it really been that long?). I may need a research trip to Vegas. 😀

And I’m still sore from bowling. It’s ugly.

Other than that, I’m ready for cooler weather. It’s been humid and hot here. It will probably be October before we finally get our Fall.

And that’s it for me. Time for work! I owe…I owe…

By Michelle

I wish you all could be inside my head. The conversation is sparkling.