Pocket Full o’ Change

Quote du Jour:
Men – You can’t live with ‘em, can’t reach the top shelf without ‘em.

Got paid for my serial gig. Woo! I love when that money comes through every so often. Makes me feel like a real honest-to-gosh writer. It was a decent last few months with lots of renewals and a few new subscriptions. It’s not as wildly popular as I would like, but hey, it’s something.

Speaking of the adventure serial, I really must get back to work on that. I’ve been neglecting poor Dane and Skye for nearly a week now. I really need to get them out of that corner I’ve written them into, don’t I?

On to the quote of the day. There’s a lot of truth in that statement.

Slight rant here.

Had a small argument with DH about my writing. My version is he’s only interested in it because I happened to mention I ventured into a new genre – erotica. (And maybe it’s more like Spicy fiction instead of erotica…) His version is he’s just taking part of All Things That Are Me.

I find it completely humorous he takes a sudden interest in my work when before he couldn’t give a fig what I wrote. Of course, I get the disclaimer of, “I read your website.” Yeah? And your point?
Wonder if he’s reading this. Sorry, baby, but I gotta rat you out.

So, anyhoo, I caved and sent him my latest WIP. I’m sure I’ll catch a ration after he reads it. Because the reality is it uses a lot of explicit language (sorry, Mom, but it does). It may not ever be published for any number of reasons: It may stink up the pages. It may not find the right market. Maybe the craft isn’t all that good or as good as currently pub’d authors. Whatever. The point is, shouldn’t I be able to write what I want when I want without anyone bugging the crap out of me to read it? Of course I have dreams of publication. Of course I need feedback from OTHER WRITERS who know the business, the craft, and the genre. Those are the people I need to read my work, not someone who’s going to pat me on the head and say, “That’s nice, honey.” (And PS, I don’t mind other writers asking to see my work because (a) they read it with an objective eye and (b) their enthusiasm makes me want to write that much more.)

I’m sure none of this is making a whole lotta sense. I’m kinda punchy from being so tired, a little snapish, and a lot tipsy. I guess what I’m getting at is… I feel like he’s only asking because it’s something racy.
I write because I like crafting the story, writing about other people. There’s nothing autobiographical in it. Of course I draw on my own personal experiences. That’s how truth becomes fiction. But it’s not All About Me. And I don’t expect to become rich and famous (though that would be nice). I write for the love of writing.

Ah well. End rant.

And happy it’s almost Friday at last. My late nights have finally caught up to me and I know I’ll be dead tired after the Trip From Hell to the airport. It’s always a friggin madhouse late on Fridays.

By Michelle

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