Polite and Respectful; Dependable

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I didn’t blog yesterday because my allergies were killing me. I was a waste of space for sure. Got nothing accomplished except for being miserable and wishing for a nap all day long. That and wishing my nasal passages weren’t about to explode.

I’m better today. A little more clear, though they’re still kicking my butt. It’s all the damn cottonwood in the air. ARGH. Happens every year. You’d think I’d be used to it by now after 30 some odd years.

Anyhoo… Back to getting on topic of this post. 😉

Back in high school, lo these many years ago… when we got our report cards, the teachers would put a comment at the bottom under the grades. The one I got most of the time was: Polite and Respectful; Dependable.

Boy, did I have the teachers snowed, eh? The real truth was that I was busy writing my masterpieces. Yes, that’s what I’ll call them. Scrawling them out on ruled paper with a pencil or a pen or whatever I happened to have in my hand that day. I’d sit in the back of the class (my last name started with a W and they quite often put us in alphabetical order), keep my story hidden under my work and scribble to my hearts content.  

And when I wasn’t doing that, I was busy writing notes to my BFFs.

“Hi. How are you? Algebra is boring! So I thought I’d write you. Well, gotta go. LYLAS.”

Or something like that. You remember those notes, don’t you? And LYLAS stood for Love Ya Like A Sister. That was before the days of texting, mind you. Now kids just text each other covertly in class instead of writing notes.

Ah, the days of pen and paper are getting further behind us…

But I digress. Back to my original story.

Writing in English or Algebra class was how I really became a writer. English was super easy for me so I always breezed through the assignments. And then came Lit class. I always loved that part of the year where we cracked open the three-inch Literature book and read Edgar Allen Poe. And then we had to find what was symbolic in his stories. Didn’t anyone realize he wasn’t trying to be symbolic? He was just drunk and wasted on opium. And maybe a little crazy.

Algebra was boring to me and I didn’t get most of it so I would ignore the teacher and write my little stories.

That’s when I got Needs to attend tutoring on the report card. I didn’t flunk, but I didn’t make great grades either. Passing and that was it. Of course I never went to tutoring because I was in band, creative writing, and took three classes of dance a week, newspaper staff, spring play, etc etc etc. I didn’t have time. I barely had time to do homework. I was in the bottom of my class. Did I care? No.

I wonder what I’d get on my report card today. What three words would describe me? (Articles don’t count in this case <grin>)

Hm. Let’s see…

Sarcastic yet Fabulous; Dependable


Shoe Diva; Sarcastic; Dependable

Yes, I think I’d still get that adjective dependable on there. I just am. Have been all my life. Always punctual to everything. Even early. Can’t stand to be late. And always the type that if I say I’m going to do something, I do it. Of course, it may take me 5 years to do it, but darnit I’m doing it! Dependable. Like a rock. Maybe my nickname should be Chevy.

How about you? What three words would describe you then…and now?

By Michelle

I wish you all could be inside my head. The conversation is sparkling.