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Hello, readers. I haven’t been ignoring you – I promise! I’ve just been busy writing the third installment of my KNIGHT series, tentatively titled A KNIGHT TO REMEMBER (this is Queen Maeve’s story).

BUT! I have some exciting news to share. As I was trolling Amazon and Barnes & Noble, as I often do because I’m OCD like that, I discovered the second installment is up for pre-order!


I was totally stoked to see there. Plus, the cover is just drool-worthy, don’t you think? I mean… it’s just a work for art. He’s hot. Those abs… *slurp*

Sorry. Where was I? The official release date is December 13 but I hope you’ll pre-order your eBook copy today! That would make me a very happy little author.

Here’s the official blurb:

Sequel to One Knight Only

Blush Sensuality Level: This is a sensual romance (may have explicit love scenes, but not erotic in frequency or type).

After saving her love, Princess Elyne returns to the Otherworld by order of her mother. But it’s not the homecoming she expects. Furious Elyne has meddled with humans, the queen imprisons her and strips away her magic. The only way Elyne can get it back is to perform one selfless act.

When Queen Maeve sends Derron to find the Guardian of the Sword of Light, he can’t leave without releasing Elyne. But freeing the princess comes with a price—he must take her with him on this dangerous quest, and both must deal with the love growing between them, as well as past hurts.

Their search becomes more than a pursuit for the missing Guardian as Lord Kieran rises to dominate the Unseelie court. He’ll stop at nothing to gain control of both the Otherworld and the human realm. Even with the help of Elves, dragons and their human friends, the odds are stacked against Derron and Elyne.

Anyhoo, if you feel so inclined, I would LOVE you forever and ever if you stopped by and liked the page and maybe even agreed with some tags over on Amazon.

Here are the links:

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