Productive Saturday

Friday night, I picked up Sweetie Boy with a 101 degree fever. He was not feeling well at all. I mentally prepared myself to take care of an ailing little boy all weekend, even though I knew I had a ton of stuff to get done. I gave him Children’s Motrin and kept him comfortable and quiet all evening. We watched Boomerang (the new Justice League) and I put him to bed early. He crashed right away.

He was up and down a couple times that night, but his fever broke sometime before morning. He ran a low grade early Saturday but then, that was it. He’s got the sniffles which I think is mostly allergies. He’s totally fine today.

So I ran to the bank and the grocery store and completely my quest for espresso powder. (Found some at World Market). I got some stuff for the housewarming party on Saturday. Geeze is that really less than a week away? My gaw.

Anyway… back at home, I got the chapter newsletter done and distributed. I finished printing my bookmarks for R&F – yes! – and I printed off my bank statement (but have no reconciled yet). I even got some Christmas shopping done online for the Sweetie Boy. I’m nearly done for him, too. I just have about one more thing I want to get for him and then it’s finished. I would like to get a few little things for some other folks, but they will have to be super inexpensive.

Today we’re off to Ikea so I can get the last few pieces of furniture I am in desperate need of. I’m really looking forward to having a grown-ujp dresser and chest of drawers. Yay! Brother and Best Good Friend are good enough to meet me there and help me haul the stuff home. I’m buying them a tank of gas for their trouble since it’s an hour there, an hour to my house and an hour back home for them. Gaw. Of course, the last time we had the trip to Ikea, it was total hell. I’m betting this one will be MUCH better.

Oh hey – and before I forget – if you really want to get to know me and Best Good Friend, pop on over to her blog and read this. It is a high example of complete and total multi-tasking…and our own hilarity. We were in tears by the end of the day, but then… that’s just us.


Off to shower. Happy Sunday!

By Michelle

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