Doncha just love those days when you’re super productive? Oh, man, I do!

A put in a couple more hours work on Phoenixand TADA! It’s finished! It weighs in at nearly 85,000 words now and just over 300 pages (double-spaced, 12 pt, Times New Roman). I’d been shooting for Friday but it sure was nice to get a large chunk of it done last night. That’s what made it go faster today. That and having that handy-dandy outline. (Devon, I’m convinced that is the ONLY way to go! Ms. Pantser is reformed, I think.)

Well, okay, I take that back a little. I did deviate even from the outline. LOL But I still KNEW where I was going and how to get there and just mixed it up a little. And really, you never know what these characters are going to say or do! I got a surprise from Senator Gracchus toward the end. He has a real disgust for slaves. I didn’t even know that until I wrote that scene, sat back, re-read his dialogue and went, “Huh. He’s a real pr*ck.” 😀 Go figure.

The end has a great power punch of emotion now. And I *love* it. I love the way it ends so much better now. It makes so much more sense for the characters and their situation. I even toned down the sex scenes and made the story more about the gritty world Elena lives in and the life-and-death situation they faced instead about the romance. Because, when I thought about it, this story is NOT about the romance. It’s about learning to survive in a world full of deadly obstacles. Oh, sure, it helps Cassius is a real hottie and wants to whisk her off to safety.

Anyway, I really learned a lot about world building and writing better, cleaner, more emotional. I hope the next one will be easier (fat chance).

Speaking of the next one, I want to start working on that futuristic but something has been nagging me. I’ve been thinking about restructuring the MAGIC book into something totally different. Same characters, same basic plot line but totally different setting. I’m thinking urban fantasy. Maybe dark. I need to do some major research on this so I’m putting this away in my To Be Determined pile.

In the meantime, I’ve started writing up a quick synopsis for the futuristic, which is as yet untitled. See? The synopsis thing keeps creeping in. 😉

In other productive news, I went with my co-worker to the Mattel Outlet Store and can I just say CHA-CHING! I love this place. They have all sorts of Hot Wheel, Matchbox stuff for boys and of course Barbie stuff for girls. I got four things for the kiddo for his birthday but the real beauty is, I think I’m going to put a couple away for Christmas. I’m sneaky like that. One of the things I got was a Rock ’em Sock ’em Robots. I think the kiddo is going to dig those. and I can still hear the stupid commercial in my head from the 70s.

Tonight I’m making my Cuban chicken in the crock pot. Which means it will all be done when I get home. MMM. YUM!

Off to work!

By Michelle

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