Is anyone as disturbed as I am by the new La Quinta ads? The one with the dude turning cartwheels and dancing really disturbs me…

Anyway… I got up this morning and did my 10 minute ab workout. WOOHOO!! I’m so proud of myself. Tomorrow is thigh day. Plus I’ve been eating better. I bought green leaf and red leaf lettuce and other salad makings at the store and made up my own salad and had that last with a Lean Cuisine new brick oven pizza. It was good!

On Sunday, I managed to get 10 pages done on The Book and finished Chapter 10. And 4 pages last night on Chapter 11. I had to go back and change some stuff at the end of chapter 10 because I needed to get it right. I had to ask Brother what would happen if you sliced someone’s throat open with a machete. Yeah, um, it’s not pretty. He was quite graphic. Thanks, Bro!

Yesterday afternoon, I stopped on my way home from work and got my toes done. It felt SOOOOO good to get a pedicure and it was much needed. She made little white flowers on my big toes and put a little tiny green jewel in the center. It’s cute.

And today I’m wearing my new skirt and shirt and cork sandals. I feel pretty damn good, if I do say so. Maybe this change of diet and exercise is starting to agree with me…

By Michelle

I wish you all could be inside my head. The conversation is sparkling.