I got about 800 words in last night. Not much, but it IS progress, right? I’ve started the massive rewrite of chapter two and I have to say… I really like this story again!

I also worked on the chapter newsletter and got out the finalists first round judged entries. So I had some business to take care of before I could get to the actual writing. It was nearly 11 when I finally fell into bed. I woke up this morning feeling pretty good and actually got out of bed 20 minutes earlier than normal. I EVEN started dinner already – I’m making swiss steak in the crock pot. It smelled divine when I left the house this morning.

Things feel like they’re falling into place. Even the kiddo was in a chipper mood this morning. I think it’s because he’s getting Wii time and I’m getting to write. I love this system! Too bad it has to stop when school goes back into session… but that’s three months away and I plan to make good use of those three months. Go me!

I’ve had a lot of self-analyzation lately and been quite introspective. I think it’s the birthday thing. I hit this age and looked back at the last twenty years of my life and thought, What the HELL have I been doing for twenty years? It sort of feels like a waste. Here I am, single, a mother, and struggling to make ends meet (not that I need a man in my life to complete me – I’m just sayin’ it sucks to be a single-income family right now with things so… tumultuous). I wish I had done things so differently, but I guess that’s the way Life is, eh?

I woke up this morning feeling in a better frame of mind. Maybe the creative output helped. At any rate, time me to get going. It’s hump day!

By Michelle

I wish you all could be inside my head. The conversation is sparkling.