Query Me

I’ve decided to take the plunge. I’m querying!

I’ve sent out a total of 5 and receive 2 rejections so far. Tis okay. I fully expect to receive rejections. I figure I can just add them to the collection and keep on keeping on.

I’ve also been doing some agent research and I’m disappointed to see the ones I really want are closed to submissions. So that means I’ll just keep my eyes peeled on their submission guidelines and hope they open… or just keep looking for another agent. This is the part I’m not so fond of. The querying, the rejections, the research. But it comes with the territory.

Have I mentioned I hate waiting, too? I’m not very patient. 😉

I’ve been in sort of a stale-mate with the revisions for the last two days. It’s like I got to this certain point and then STOPPED. It’s because I need to rework the end of the book a little and it’s taken me two days to figure it out. I finally did yesterday. It was like a breakthrough.

I took the last four chapters of the book and write a very crude outline of what happens in each scene in each chapter. That way I could see it on paper. Then I took that outline and copied and pasted it. I rearrange the scenes and tweaked and changed. As I worked on that, I finally figured out the end of the book that not only makes sense, but it keeps me from having to do a major rewrite on the last two chapters. I love that.

So in the next few days, I will begin the process of revising three of the chapters. Plus I have to add a scene or two. No sweat, right?


I’m very glad it’s Friday. Busy weekend ahead. I really need to tackle the closet this weekend. I’m wondering if the local women’s shelter will take my old clothes. I’d feel better doing that than giving them to Goodwill.

Happy weekend!

By Michelle

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