Rain Rain Go Away

HEY – I’m blogging over at Chicas today about The Price of Beauty – hehe – so check it out. Also, Dennie is giving away books. GIVING them away I tell you. So check it out here.

So we went to Six Flags yesterday and walked and walked and walked. And rode rides. And then the thunderstorms rolled in and they shut everything down. Everything except for the indoor rollercoaster and the 4-D Spongebob Experience (no thanks).

Anyway. We made it there close to noon and immediately hit the Mexican Hat and then what used to be called the Bobsled. It’s now called La Vibora or something.

The humidity was pretty high. In fact, I’m pretty sure you almost needed gills to breath. But we just fought through it and had a good time anyway. We hit the big water ride – it used to be called Splashwater Falls but is now Aquaman. We got drenched!

I wore jeans so that meant my pants were wet the entire rest of the day. Do you know what it’s like to walk around with sopping wet jeans on all day? Um, yeah, it totally sucks. At one point Sweetie Boy asked me if my underwear were wet. It wasn’t too big of deal, really, except we were standing in line for some ride and you know how kid’s voices, um, carry. Yeah, he said it at the TOP of his lungs. Something like, “MOM! Is your underwear wet, too?” And then he patted my butt.

Thanks for THAT, son.

Anyhoo. My friend and her son wanted to do the 4-D thing – which I’m so not into – so while they were in line, Sweetie Boy and I rode what USED to be called the Cliffhanger (it’s now the Wildcatter). Yeah, I know. I keep saying what it used to be called but I’ve been going to Six Flags for nearly 30 years so it totally bugs me they jacked around all the names of stuff. It’s the Cliffhanger if you ask me.

The Cliffhanger (aka Wildcatter with a Thrill Rating of Max – oh you think?) is this big tower that goes straight up, oh, about 10 stories in the air. Then the car moves to the edge and after a few seconds, drops in a freefall. It’s so totally cool. And the baby boy LOVES that ride. We rode it twice. Then it was off to the Mini Mine Train which lasts all of 2.3 seconds and then it was on to the Mine Train. Which is totally one of my favorite rides.

(And, um, what happened to The Cave? Do any of you locals remember that ride? It had all those weird looking creatures inside and it was dark and you rode in this boat and most of the younger kids would go there to “make out” but of course not me. I guess they changed the name of THAT too.)

So. Since the thunderstorms were rolling in, we decided it was time for a late lunch/early dinner and it was off to Johnny Rocket’s. The baby boy and I split chicken tenders and fries. I swear, sometimes that kid will eat me out of house and home but today he barely had anything to eat. We waited out the storm and tried to decide our next course of action.

Since it was nearly rush out, it was pointless to try and leave. So we decided we’d hit the one indoor rollercoaster – Runaway Mountain. My kiddo was too short to ride it and I knew this going in, but I thought I’d try. He and my friend’s little boy waited it out while we rode.

This is the coolest coaster. It’s all indoor and in the dark. And it does one circle after another. And since you can’t see what’s coming up next, it’s totally a surprise. And so much fun.

We headed home after that since all the other rides were still closed. We got home shortly after 7 and I immediately hit the shower. Got the baby boy in the tub, too, and then we read his book and I put him to bed. I guess he was still wired, though, because it took him a long time to get to sleep.

All in all it was a good day. We had a great time. But I sure was tired by the time I got home.

Friday night I think we’re going out to dinner and then Saturday we’re going to see Underdog. Sunday we’re going to the museum to see the Star Wars exhibit and then that evening he has to go to church for a function.

And then Monday starts all over again. I’m exhausted already. 🙂

By Michelle

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