Hey gang! I’m over at Pop Culture Divas today talking about garbled lyrics. Come on by!

It started raining on Friday and didn’t stop until Sunday night. Sometimes it poured; sometimes it just sprinkled; sometimes it drizzled. But it rained nonstop, nonetheless. That meant soccer was canceled and it was increasingly difficult to run errands and go places. But run errands and go places I did.

I got a swingy new haircut and I love it. I decided to go with a layered cut and dump the one-length look. Since I’m trying to grow out my bangs, I went with a side-swipe while I’m in the horrid-middle growth phase.

Let’s see… what else… Drove to my friend’s house in North Dallas for a visit that was too short. But it was getting late and I had a long drive in the rain. Since I have horrible night-vision, I opted for an earlier trek home. Got home and literally crashed. I was exhausted from the day. I had RWA in the morning, hair appointment in the mid-afternoon, and then dinner plans. I finally hit the house about 10:30. I got up early Sunday, though, and worked on contest stuff and wrote my article for the Divas and then Man and I ran around in the rain.

Walmart, Lowe’s, Cotton Patch Cafe, and Macaroni Grill were all on the agenda. Along with a mid-aftenroon nap for me. And laundry. I was lazy yesterday and I deserved it.

Today I have a mid-afternoon meeting in Big D, which means I will be once again schelping through the rain. I’m not really complaining after the long hot summer and the rain is great but… do we have to get it all at once? Seriously?

Got another rejection on the gladiator book. I did nothing on the new one this weekend. Didn’t have time but I’m going to make time this week for it for sure.

That’s it for me. Happy Monday, ya’ll!

By Michelle

I wish you all could be inside my head. The conversation is sparkling.