The rain woke me up about 4 am. The wind was really blowing, too.

This morning it’s damp and humid and warm. Unseasonably warm. What is up with that?

I got about 1300 words in yesterday on the new book, One Knight Only. I think this is going to be way too long for the anthology I wanted to submit it to. I can already tell just by the new beginning I wrote. And it surprised me. I love writing and the characters surprise me.

Finn has decided he’s a ghost. And he’s cursed. And he needs Maggie to help him break the curse. Interesting. Of course, now Finn has to tell me what the curse is and how to break it. hehe As I’ve been writing, I have decided I am definitely a Pantser. Plotting doesn’t work for me. Especially detailed plotting. It constrains me way too much and I tend to just stop writing. Of course there’s an exception to this–like when I get a really great idea and I don’t want to lose it. I wrote a very rough synopsis. It gives me the general overview of the story and I can get back to it later to write it.

Since January is over, I looked back at my daily calendar. I did quite well with my goals. I didn’t write every day like I wanted to but the days I did write, I wrote more than 1000 words. So it averages out. I also managed to finish Take Me I’m Yours.

This month, I have to focus on two things: the contest and the time travel. I’d also like to get Take Me I’m Yours ready for submission by the end of next week.

And this month I’m compiling a list of places I want to do some advertising. It will be a big investment in some of the places I’m interested in, but the long term is very good. Plus I’m trying to find some Yahoo loops to do some free promo on. I made up a generic calendar last night and wrote out all the days I can promo.

Anyway. That’s the plan. 🙂

And am I the only one freaked out by the possible merger of Yahoo and Microsoft? I’m totally against this. Doesn’t Microsoft own enough of the computer world as it is? Besides, my search engine of choice is Google. I think it’s the only search engine that has a place in the dictionary as a verb (as in, I’m going to Google it).

Oh and PS Devon – It sounds like you have a methodical approach to doing self check-out, which means you don’t waste time. But I’ve seen people who are so slow in scanning and bagging it would make you want to fall on a sword. hehe

By Michelle

I wish you all could be inside my head. The conversation is sparkling.