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Quote of the Day:
“A study in the Washington Post says that women have better verbal skills than men. I just want to say to the authors of that study: Duh.”
–Conan O’Brien

Question to the masses: Is the left column all jacked up like it is on my screen? It looks okay on my home monitor, but at the office it looks like shite (and yes I meant to spell it that way). The “search blog” box is too big and the background is not right either. Just curious.

The Blankie Crisis
Last night at bedtime, we realized with some horror we had left DS’s blankie at Grandmom’s. The little boy started to cry. Oh course, DH tried to calm him down and tell him he could sleep without it (yeah right). He said, “Daddy doesn’t sleep with a blankie.” And I had to bite my tongue. I wanted to say, “That’s because you’re 42! He’s ONLY 3!”

So I left the house at 9:23 to go get the blankie because DS was crying and inconsolable. I couldn’t stand it. Twenty minutes later, I got back home, blankie in hand and trudged up the stairs. The second DS saw me, his little face lit up. He was sitting up in the middle of his bed. “Mom, you found my blankie.”

He hugged it, laid down, and immediately went to sleep.

Whew. Crisis abated.

More Random Junk
I can see! Hallelujah!

Well, I could see all along, but the wonderful IT dude came and fixed my monitor. Now I don’t have to squint when I try to type, thank goodness. Plus I was getting a really bad cramp in the base of my neck because I was hunching toward the monitor just so I could see what I was doing. Now, no more. So thanks goes to Mr. IT Dude Extraordinaire. Now if I could just do something about the pain in my left wrist bone…

It’s so freaking cold in this office I had to break down and bring in a heater. My fingernails turn blue! At least I’m not the only one – a co-worker has a heater as well.

I had delicious dreams about James Purefoy last night. He was the Black Prince in A Knight’s Tale and he played opposite Reese Witherspoon in Vanity Fair. And, oh yeah, he’s hot (see below).

James PureHottie

I discovered this wonderful new thing (well, actually my chapter-sister told me about it). Go to www.google.com and click “images” and then type in the image you’re looking for and it brings them up (ie., James Purefoy, Gerard Butler, Clive Owen…notice a pattern here?). Who knew! Now I can search for pics of my favorite hunky guys to my heart’s content. Ahh… bliss.

Finished up the draft for the KIC soap opera and sent it on to the coordinator. It was well over 1000 words and I could have written more. They are in Ancient Rome and my hero is rather surly throughout the entire thing. I realized this after writing it.

Just heard back from the coordinator on the segment with the nod to go ahead and write more. WOOHOO I get to write the gladiator scene in the Coliseum! How cool is that. It weighs in at just over 2500 words and will be Episode #3. My friend Devon’s will be Episode #4. I enjoyed writing it and had a lot of fun seeing my characters through someone else’s eyes.

I am not interested in writing one word. Need to go write two more issues of EACH serial and get them turned in, though. Need to work on the jousting novel – writing and research both.

Anyhoo… regarding the jousting novel, some things have finally revealed themselves to me. My lady-in-waiting or maid or whatever she’s going to be is not only Scottish but also Fae. I think this will be necessary to keep my heroine from getting killed while she jousts. Elyne (Ellie as a nickname) is in love with the heroine’s brother and he with her. Their romance will be a subplot.

Came up with a title for the sequel for the fantasy novel. Whew. Glad to have finally figured that one out. I have a rough outline of the sequel and I’m trying to figure out how to make it a trilogy.

Gotta get some serial writing done today, so best get to it.

By Michelle

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