Reading, Rome, and Other Stuff

I got a lot of work done on Friday, so that was good. All 91 contest entries went out to all the judges. *wipes brow* I’m very glad to get them out. I’ve already started getting judged entries back, which is nice. But that means it’s time for Phase 2. 🙂

I also ran some errands – bank, post office, book store. John Scalzi does this thing on this blog called The Big Idea and I have to admit I’ve picked up two books from this that I normally would not have. The first one was Wonderous Strange by Lesley Livingston and the second was Spiral Hunt by Margret Ronald, which is a very cool urban fantasy. As soon as I read about it on his blog, I ran out and bought it and started reading it. If you’re into this sort of thing, I recommend it. It’s set in Boston and, well, is awesomey awesomeness. Get it.

I also DID get some writing done on Rome. I am now one chapter away from finishing the darn book. I know I still call it Rome, but I am seriously thinking of turning it into more of a fantasy type book. I’ve already started the conversion process. While I love the idea of Ancient Rome and it works for the story, I think having it set in some fantastical world would help suspend the disbelief of the reader even more so. Anyway… it just seems to work better that way.

Take Me I’m Yours has been assigned an editor (WOO!) so that means I will have edits sometime in the very near future. No release date yet but that will happen once all the edits are complete. Very excited about this book and cannot wait to release the cover and show everyone. It’s fantastic.

Once I finish Rome, my next project will be to finish off Sex, Lies and Martinis which is the follow-up to Take Me I’m Yours. And then I really need to plan the next Coffee House book…while I finish Magic Within. Those were the three books I wanted to complete this year and so far, I am still on track to do that.

Plus I have other irons in the fire. When do I not? 😉

Reconnected with a couple of very old friends on Facebook this weekend. It was so cool to hear from them again! Hopefully we can stay in touch.

Saturday was grocery shopping day and since I was completely out of, well, everything, I had to stock up. The kiddo and I also went to the movies that afternoon. He talked me into Mall Cop which was actually family-friendly and kinda funny. I laughed out loud a couple of times. It was sort of a movie weekend, I guess. Friday night, the kiddo and I watched City of Ember and Toys Story 2 and then he had an Indiana Jones-fest the rest of the weekend. We watched three of the four movies while he wore the hat and played with the whip.

My kid is GREAT but he totally wears me out. Every night, when he went to bed I nearly collapsed from shear exhaustion. He takes a lot of energy out of me. Today we have a parent/teacher conference about his lack of work habits in school. Truthfully, I think he’s bored and that’s why he doesn’t want to do it – it’s too easy for him. I mean, he’s reading Harry Potter after all!

Okay that’s it for me. Happy Monday, ya’ll!

By Michelle

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