Okay. So. I was writing away my blog entry when my lightning fingers did something and I lost it all. Figures.

And the Stars lost tonight to the Preds. BAH.


My friend and I are doing a NaNo in March. We’re writing 50,000 words to get a good first draft of our respective novels. She’s writing YA and I’m writing smut. 😉

I wrote up a little blurb of the book on Friday and I discovered something – The title is all wrong. I started to flesh out the story a little (because, for me, wrting a blurb IS plotting…yes, I’m weird) and I realized what the title needs to be: Sex, Lies and Martinis. My target word count is 60,000, single title.

I was talking with Boyfriend #2 on the phone this morning about mostly just stuf and he asked how the writing was going. So I told him I was working on something new and he asked what the title was. When I told him that, he paused and said, “So it’s about you?” Um. No. Then he asked what it was about… I laughed. When I told him I was writing in first person he said, “So it really is about you.” And I said – NO!

That’s the thing – folks who don’t write, don’t get it. Just because I’m writing in first person (and yes, there is a lot of my personal experience in the character), doesn’t mean it’s about ME. It’s not about me. It’s about DELILAH and who she is and where she’s been and how she’s grown and changed. It’s her story, not mine. Besides, mine is pretty boring. 😉

Okay that’s it for me. I’m off to write! It’s March 1. Can you believe it?

By Michelle

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