Reality Check

Recently, I ran a report on my expenses for last year. I wanted to see what I paid on certain things – like gas, food, utilities – as compared to what I’m spending this year. Yes, I’m becoming my own financial analyst. Anyway, I took the total annual payout and divided it by 12 to get my average monthly billing for my utilities and compared to what I’m doing so far this year. But that wasn’t the shocker.

The shocker was realizing I had paid out over $17,000 dollars in credit card debt. YES. You read that right. SEVENTEEN THOUSAND DOLLARS.

I had the Giant Inward Sucky Noise of Horror.

Now, not all of that was frivolous stuff. Most of it was things I needed to set up housekeeping. Appliances and what not. Other things included paint and home repair to fix up the house and make it decent (it had been a rent house and was sadly neglected in a lot of places). So, some of the money spent was money well spent. (I’m pretty sure I didn’t need the five Coach bags I bought last year, huh? Kinda makes me want to list them on eBay and get some of that money back.)

So after seeing this gigantic number I spent in credit card debt… I scrolled down to see what I spent on my mortgage. The amount was staggeringly less.

I’m turning over a new leaf. Not that I wasn’t already. I’m pinching pennies tighter than I ever have. I’ve cut out unnecessary expenses like fast food, dining out, Starbucks coffee (weep) and other things. But I’m going to work very hard to get this stuff gone and paid off. I don’t need to spend that kind of cash on effing credit cards at 21 percent interest. Especially with the rising cost of fuel.

Incidentally, at this time last year I had spent $509.12 in auto fuel. This year? I’m already at $632.58 – and I drive a Kia Spectra.

Insert Giant Inward Sucky Noise here.

By Michelle

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