Release Date for A Knight Like No Other


SO excited to announce I have a release date for A KNIGHT LIKE NO OTHER, book 4 in the Realm of Honor series! It will be out March 13, 2014! This is Sir Drake’s and Princess Sobriel’s story! Here’s the official blurb:

By the king’s order, Princess Sobriel is betrothed to Lord-Regent Marath, an Elven noble with an evil agenda who’s manipulated his way into royal favor. Marrying him will be a fate worse than death, especially when Sobriel yearns for the sexy and irresistible Sir Drake—the knight who holds her heart. A knight she is forbidden to love. She flees her family to be with Drake, giving up everything she knows for him.

Enraged at her defiance, Marath summons a mage to kidnap and kill Sobriel. Drake, determined to protect the woman he loves, will stop at nothing to see her safe. Their desire for one another burns hot and nothing can keep the two lovers apart. Nothing but Marath’s evil plan to do away with the Fae and separate Drake and Sobriel forever.

By Michelle

I wish you all could be inside my head. The conversation is sparkling.