Release Day: Seducing Eve, a hot Paranormal Romance


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Here’s the blurb:

Book 2, Guardians of Atlantis

Eve is desperate to escape her lab prison in the lost city of Atlantis, unwilling to allow them to use her body against her will. The last thing she needs is for them to discover her gift which could keep her confined with them forever. When she sees an opportunity to flee, she makes a break for it. What she doesn’t count on is getting captured by a sexy guardian. Sexy or not, she’s resolved to return home or die trying.

When one of the human females is kidnapped and brought to Atlantis, Lucian is sent to investigate. His mission is to find out who brought her against her will. He never expects the lovely Eve to escape the lab wreaking havoc nor does he expect her sheer determination to nearly get him killed. They flee into the dusty bowels of Atlantis but his injuries hinder his abilities to keep her safe and he fears he may lose her to the scientists.

Their cat-and-mouse game quickly turns into running for survival. As the enemy closes in, Eve realizes Lucian is trying to save her from the fate of becoming a lab rat, endearing him to her. Now she must use her gift to save the man she’s quickly falling for before she loses him forever.


The second woman was in the room alone. She struggled against her bonds, twisting her wrists until they were raw. He pressed the button on the door panel. She immediately ceased when the door slid open.

Her bright blue eyes flew to his face, locked onto him as if memorizing everything about him as he approached. She smelled like coconut and had a deep bronze to her shimmering skin. She had the look of innocence with a hint of wild child the way her cheekbones curved in her oval-shaped face. He’d never seen such lush full lips on a woman before. Lips he suddenly longed to kiss. It was all he could do not to swipe his tongue over his own. As much as he wanted to allow his gaze to rake down her curvy body he didn’t. He kept it fixed on her pretty face.

“Hello, there,” he said.

“Who are you? What do you want?” She practically growled the words.

“Easy. I’m not here to hurt you.”

Her gaze lingered on his face a moment longer before trickling down his torso, pausing only a second at his waist before coming back to his face.

“My name is Lucian,” he said. “I’m one of the guardians.”

Her eyes widened so slightly he would have missed it if he hadn’t been looking. “A guardian. Get away from me, you scumbag. I don’t want anything to do with you.”

“I know you’re scared right now but I’m here to help you.” He dropped his voice so only she could hear. In case there were any wandering ears outside the room.

She considered his words, chewing on the inside of her lip. “Are you going to release me?”

“Unfortunately, I can’t do that,” he said. Though he would in a heartbeat if he could. He disliked seeing her strapped to the table.

“Then what good are you? How can you help me if you’re not going to release me?” she snapped.

Smart girl. He liked her. He stepped closer, intending to reach for her shoulder and give her a reassuring pat.

“Don’t you dare lay a hand on me. I’ll…I’ll scream bloody murder,” she said. “Franco won’t like it. You’ll see.”

He held his hands up in surrender. “I’m not going to hurt you.”

“Then what do you want?”

She was full of fire. Yes, he liked her. A lot.

“I can find the man responsible for bringing you down here. Do you remember what happened?”

“Down here. So it’s true? I’m in Atlantis?”

He nodded. “It’s true.”

“I thought Atlantis was a myth.”

“I assure you it’s very real. I’m sorry you were brought here without your consent. My commander doesn’t like it. That’s why he sent me to find out who did this to you.”

“You mean you’re…not all like that? Like…him?”

“No. Not at all.” He gave her a reassuring smile and took another step closer to her. Inching his way to her. The scent of coconut grew stronger as he neared.

“The doctor said the women were to come willingly,” she said.

“Yes and some of the men are a little…aggressive when it comes to selecting them.”

“Aggressive?” She snorted. “The bastard knocked me out.”

“He hit you?”

“Yeah with something hard. I don’t know what. Maybe his fist.”

Lucian’s hand curled into a tight ball. “That is unacceptable, Miss…?”

She pressed those beautiful lips together for a moment, as if trying to decide if she should give him her name or not. “My name is Eve.”

Eve. He loved the way that sounded. The way it rolled around in his head. She looked like an Eve, too, with long auburn hair spilling over her shoulders. He tried really hard to keep his eyes on her face and not on the perfect breasts barely covered in a red triangle. Which was under a thin sheath that could barely be called a shirt that hit her mid-thigh. Not to mention the triangle of material covering the best part of her at the apex of her thighs. His mouth watered.

“Eve, can you tell me what happened? Describe him?”

“One minute my I was drinking Mai Tais on the beach. The next minute my best friend and I are being chased down by two goons.” She looked him over again, her gaze thoughtful and full of scrutiny. “He was big. Taller than me. Taller than you. Though it’s kind of hard to tell since you’re towering over me now. How tall are you?”

“Six-four,” he said.

Her eyes widened again and her lips parted in a small O before she clamped them shut again. “Six-foot-four? Are you people giants or what?”

He chuckled. “Not all of us. Only guardians.”

“Oh.” She breathed out the word in reverence. She blinked owlish blue eyes and then a blush stained under the tan of her skin, giving her a lovely pallor.

By Michelle

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