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Sex, Lust & Martinis

Hello, all! I’m super excited to re-release my contemporary romance today, SEX, LUST & MARTINIS. Get it now for a cool $0.99! On June 1, it will be going up to $3.99.

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This is the last book in the Coffee House Chronicles and is Sam and Delilah’s story. I’m giving away an eBook copy to anyone who comments. Comment by midnight CT Friday, May 23 to enter to win!

Sam ripped out her heart. Now Delilah wants it back!

Delilah Storm doesn’t believe in love or soul mates or happily ever after. She does believe in lust, sex and martinis. After putting her humiliating youth behind her at long last, she thinks she’s got her life all figured out. She knows what she wants and how to get it. Until she discovers that her favorite sex toy shop has been taken over by her ex-husband. The same ex-husband who ripped out her heart and stomped on it ten years ago.

Sam Ford is a man who doesn’t know what he wants. He’s floated from job to job, which cost him the only woman he ever loved. He finally gets his life on track running his own business. So when Delilah walks back into his life, he sees it as a sign. And he’s willing to try anything to get her back.

Sparks fly, proving they are still very much in lust with each other. Delilah believes Sam has changed. What will she do when she discovers his new life is built on lies?

Now the two have to see the truth for what it is or risk losing each other for a second time…this time, for good.


Delilah Storm had been called a goddess in four-inch heels. She’d also been called a bitch in stilettos. Sometimes she’d preferred being a bitch because trouble usually followed the goddess title.

It was hard work being a goddess. It was far easier being a bitch.

Hence the reason Delilah decided being a bitch was one of the easiest of all because the man sitting across from her at brunch was trouble. She’d been thinking about it for the last few weeks when Cliff—Cliff? Why did she even agree to a date with a man named Cliff?—had stood her up time and time again. And when they did finally go on a date, he took her someplace where he could get the meal for free. He had connections he called them. Comps. The real story? He was a cheapskate.

And every time they did manage a date, she ended up driving nearly an hour out of her way. Despite his claims he had to rush home to the babysitter—being the single dad and all—she had her suspicions he was actually still married. After all, she’d never seen the inside of his house or met the kids. She didn’t even want to think about the numerous times they’d gotten it on in his car because he claimed he was overcome with emotion.

She suppressed a snort. How could she have been so stupid?

She’d tried to chalk it up to being swept up in their sheer physical attraction, their whirlwind romance. Their attraction was instant and fierce and hot. She could overlook a lot of things. She could tolerate even more since she was a no-strings kind of gal. But when she’d sensed he was still married and she’d overheard the conversation with his “business partner” the night before, she knew it had to be true and it was time to cut him loose.

Delilah would never doubt her intuition again.

She knew, sitting there at brunch with this man who now claimed he was divorced, today was the day. Too bad Cliff didn’t know. She put up with it for nearly three months. What did she see in this guy? A quick meal ticket and hot sex? No, that wasn’t it. He made her feel powerful, as if she were in control. When really she wasn’t in any sort of control at all. He was. And that flat ticked her off.

What was he talking about anyway? Delilah refocused, tried to pay attention to what Cliff was saying. He was talking about some client party he wanted her to attend with him. This should have made her tipsy with glee at the very fact he was actually inviting her somewhere other than (a) his car for sex or (b) some restaurant on the other side of God’s green Earth to meet for dinner. Annoyance crawled under her skin.

“Listen, Cliff,” she said, cutting him off. “I don’t think we should see each other anymore.”

He paused, stared at her across the table as though she’d grown another head. The only sound around them was the clink of silverware on plates, the murmur of voices from the other diners.

“What?” he said.

Oh, crap. Please don’t cause a scene. It was too early for a scene and she hadn’t had nearly enough coffee. “I’ve been thinking about us a lot lately and it’s not really working out.”

“It’s a goddamned client party, Delilah. I’m not asking you to marry me for Christ’s sake.” He threw down his fork, the silverware clattering against his plate.

Did she mention he had a bit of a temper, too?


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