Relief From Heat

Yesterday we finally got some much needed rain! And the temp didn’t reach 100. First time in about 15 days or something like that.

I have lots of admin stuff to do so that’s been my evenings lately. I have blog posts coming up and interviews and release parties and all sorts of stuff. Just you wait. 🙂 I’ll keep you posted on where I’ll be and when! Just FYI: Friday I’m doing a Book-A-Day Giveaway over at The Romance Studio if you’re interested in winning a copy of Sex Lust & Martinis. I’ll post the info come Friday.

I also did some tweaking on my Fan Page over at Facebook. I customized my URL so now to get me there, just go to: http://www.facebook.come/MichelleMilesRomance. Cool, huh? Of course, I still have a regular profile which you can get to by clicking here but I’m trying to really use Facebook as a tool to reach out instead of letting it sit there and collect dust.

On the writing front…I’m waiting on comments back from my CP on my short story and in the meantime, I’ve started the rewrite of the fantasy book. The process is revise one chapter; print pages; read chapter; revise chapter; go to next chapter; start over. Okay, granted, I’ve only done one chapter but I’m in stage 2 of that. 😀

Tonight is the first soccer practice so I’ll be taking pages with me to read while I’m waiting. And so the official school/soccer season begins!

By Michelle

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