Okay, so in yesterday’s post I said I don’t make resolutions.

I think that was not exactly right.

Apparently, I’ve made a few this year and I didn’t even realize it.

  1. WRITE
  2. Save money
  3. Pay off bills

So. Those are my resolutions for 2007. So far I have saved $50, paid off a major credit card, AND written… oh… 10 pages or so.

I’ve been stuck in this certain place of my current WIP for weeks. I finally opened it up again and took another look at it and just started writing. I didn’t think about it very hard. Just made myself write. Ten pages later… I had completed chapter three, four, and started five. WOO!

I’ve discovered in my writing journey I seem to write best to hard rock, metal, or alternative music than anything else. Nickelback and Rush have been the bands of choice lately. Perhaps because it gives me the background noise I want, doesn’t distract me, and is just hard enough to keep me writing.


The piece I’m working on has proven to be quite emotional for my characters. I hadn’t intended on it getting like that, but… I suppose that’s my state of mind right now and that’s what’s working so I’m going with it. I like this piece quite a lot. I like the relationship between the two major characters. It reminds me somewhat of writing Ransom & Fortune when all I had was Skye and Dane (MMmm.. he’s stil SO hot) to write and no one else.

I even closed my email when I wrote so I was completely into the story with ZERO distractions. It :censored: rocked! 

Earlier in the day, a writing pal emailed me with a tip for an open call of submissions for a dragon story. OH.MY.GOSH. This totally fired me up. Because, you see, the thing is I have a dragon story. As yet unfinished. But the max word count is 30,000 and I totally think this is doable!

However, I’m not abandoning my current WIP for the dragon story. I’m going to attempt to juggle the two because the deadline is early March. I so want this publications. So much I can taste it. And if so, it will help me break into the fantasy genre, something I’ve really REALLY been wanting to get into for years. It would seem dragons are totally HOT right now so I’ve got to strike while the iron’s hot.

We’ll see how it goes. That’s the goal anyway. Write my ass off and get this dragon story done and submit it.

Yeah, I’ll need a cheering section to pull THAT off. 😉

Anyway… I feel very focused and driven right now. And you know something? It feels :censored: fantastic.

Let’s hope I can maintain the momentum!

In other news, I had left over potato soup for dinner, drank a glass of wine, and worked on the WIP and my newsletter. Realized I have a wedding to go to this weekend (which totally beats me down to think about because it’s a three hour drive there for a 1-2 hour service TOPS and then a three hour drive home. KILL.ME.). I shouldn’t complain because it IS family and all but SHEEEOOOT. I hate the thought of being in the car that long.

Oh, and I’m the speaking for our January RWA Chapter meeting on the 13th. I only have a vague idea of what I’m going to talk about. Think I should work on that? 😉 Plus I have the treasurer report to prepare and an update on our contest. I’m hoping things pick up in the next week or so with the contest. So far it’s been very thin.

Suppose this month is going to be kinda busy, after all. 🙂

By Michelle

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