Quote of the Day:
“Nothing has been invented yet that will do a better job than high heels at making a good pair of legs look great, or great ones look fabulous.”
–Stuart Weitzman, shoe designer

For the first time in about three weeks, I feel rested. I actually went to bed at a decent hour last night and slept like the dead. :dead: It was great.

I kept myself busy yesterday. I started off by going grocery shopping and spending too much money at my Wal-Mart Neighborhood Market. But at least I have enough food for the next two weeks. At least, I hope. Then, since I still have $30 of my $50 rebate burning a hole in my pocket, I headed over to the Wal-Mart Supercenter. I had intended to buy a vacuum cleaner, but instead I ended up getting a really cool stand for my DVDs. Which I had to put together. I’m bearing the war wounds from that little task, but I got it together and it hasn’t fallen apart yet, so I must have done it right. I went to Garden Ridge because I was in desperate need of a lamp for the living room and I found one for $6. I love Garden Ridge. Then I boxed up all the things I’m not going to unpack, taped them up really good, and put them in the outside storage. It’s so nice NOT to have boxes in the middle of the floor. I got all my laundry done – all two loads – and then sat and watched Gone With The Wind and cried like a baby.

What an exciting life I lead.

I need to get the chapter newsletter together today and tomorrow and get it out the door on Wednesday. That’s the goal anyway.

I got my scores back on MAGIC from the Merritt and they were low. I was disappointed. The comments were extreme from one to the other. One said the plot (basically) sucked and then the other said the plot was great. One said she hated my heroine and couldn’t relate, the other said she could identify with her and was rooting for her. However, they ALL said they thought my hero was sexy but one said she wasn’t sure what his goal was. Oh and another said I had a “generic” fantasy world, that there was nothing unique about it to fit in with the current fantasy/paranormal books on the shelves. It pisses me off because I worked so hard building that :censored: world. I think people who don’t write fantasy don’t understand what a huge undertaking it is to create a world. You have to think about everything – society, economy, culture, language, religion – not to mention the landscape. What does it look/feel/smell/sound like? Shit. It’s frustrating.


At least they said “the writer has potential”. Yeah. Thanks for that, I’ll log that away.

Sometimes it’s enough to make you want to chew your own foot off.

So you know what I’m going to do? I’m going to finish the damn rewrite anyway. I’m not going to enter any more contests. I’m going to let my crit partners read it and tell me HONESTLY what they think, then I’m going to polish it up and I’m going to submit it to Inara Press. And if they decide not to accept it, then it’s off to Samhain. I want to see this book in print. I love this book and I’m not going to give up on it.

Before I went to sleep last night I judged one of my entries. Gawd, it was so awful. And I have three more to read. I hope there’s a gem in there somewhere.

Gotta go work…

By Michelle

I wish you all could be inside my head. The conversation is sparkling.