Day 2 of the retreat is today. It’s going well and I’m actually enjoying myself. Aside from the fact I’m rather hungover. I imbibed a little too much last night.

We had a good session yesterday. Our new leader is terrific and I think she has a lot of great ideas for the department. She’s intelligent, fair, open-minded, and just a generally nice person. The hotel is lovely. I have to admit it’s the first hotel I’ve stayed in that has memory foam on the beds, fluffy feather pillows instead of those cheapy foam pillows, and nice thick comforters. After our day of brainstorming, we had drinks in the sports bar and then it was off to dinner in the steakhouse.

The food – OH! the food! The food was so good. Lunch was excellent but the dinner was to-die-for. I had the lobster bisque and gorgonzola beef filet. We drank a bottle of wine – Rosemount Estate Shiraz. There was a lot of laughter and it was great to catch up with the ladies I’ve known for years. Afterward, a few of us hung out in the sports bar, drank and talked some more. I think I got to bed by midnight.

So here I am in the hotel room, sipping hot tea and trying not to be sick to my stomach. Just how am I going to make it through the day?

And before I go, here’s a question to ponder… why would a woman knowingly date a man who’s divorce is not final yet? Are women really that desperate?

By Michelle

I wish you all could be inside my head. The conversation is sparkling.