Review: Faefever by Karen Marie Moning

Unlike the previous two books, I took my time with Faefever. I didn’t devour it in one sitting as I did Darkfever and Bloodfever. I wanted to savor it because I knew it’d be a long time before I got the fourth.

The book starts off slow and annoyed me a little with the “what’s happened until now” stuff. But I understood that was necessary for folks just tuning into the series (which is nuts – you simply have to read them in order!). Throughout most of the book, Mac is on her own and really – isn’t this her story anyway? I did like the interaction she had with Christian and really wanted to see more of that. I loved that Moning wove the MacKeltar’s into this story as well. I also loved the birthday cake scene with Barrons and Mac. And yes, like other fans, I keep waiting for them to “get together.”

I think Mac’s character has developed really well and Moning does it with a fine hand. She continues to show us the Mac we knew at the beginning of Darkfever is indeed gone and probably lost forever to the Mac we know at the end of Faefever.

This is NOT a traditional romance, by any means, and you have to go into the series knowing that right up front. It’s dark urban fantasy at its finest. As a writer, it takes a lot of guts to tell the story the way you want and not bow to convention. I LOVE that Moning does just this with her characters, with the quasi-romance between Barrons (who, incidentally, is smoke) and Mac, with the flirtation with V’Lane, and even the controversial ending. I applaud her for continuing to be true to her story and her characters and willing to tick off fans with the ending. Sure, I’m ticked off–not becuase of what happened to Mac, but because we’re left in such a cliff-hanger.

If you’re thinking of reading this book, start at the beginning with Darkfever and then Bloodfever. This is a series and NOT stand-alone books. The character development continues with this book, as well as the relationship development. (I would like to see Mac end up with Barrons, but I’m thinking that may not happen…)

I will be salivating to get my hands on Dreamfever next year. Write fast, KMM. Write fast. 🙂

By Michelle

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