Rockin’ Progress

Quote Du Jour:
Lancelot: There is a large number of lonely men out there.
Guinevere: Don’t worry; I won’t let them rape you.
–King Arthur, 2004

Another 3000 words on the new WIP yesterday. Two issues of the romance done, edited, and turned in.

I am SEVEN issues away from finishing the romance!

Great progress. Very pleased.

I hope to get at least two more issues of the romance done today. I need to get more issues of the adventure done, too.

I wrote some major plot holes in the new WIP. I am loving this story. I’m trying to write it with humor in parts, but I don’t want it to be overly corny. Hard. I want the relationship between the hero and heroine to be meaningful and to really grow and change over the course of the book. I want readers to get swept away! I broke the 30,000 mark yesterday. YE-HAW.

I printed out all 105 pages of it yesterday to see about chapter breaks and just read for continuity. I haven’t done any of the chapter breaks, just putting a *** when I want to switch POV or scenes. I have identified some mistakes, found some typos, and know where I need to flesh out some parts. Of course, I only read about the first 40 pages or so. I hope to get more of that done today.

➡ Tonight is the author chat with KeepItComing. Hope to see some familiar “faces” there this evening. I hope it goes well. I hope I can get in the bloody chat room! Nervous. Hope I don’t forget about the durn thing. I told Husband last night to NOT let me forget. He said he was going to join in the chat and ask questions like, “What are you wearing?” Dork. 🙄

You will notice you can now do clickable smilies in your comments (thanks, CeCe!). Gotta love it. 😀

And there was something else I wanted to blog about but for the life of me I can’t remember what it was. Old age I suppose.

By Michelle

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