Rome and Other Stuff

I actually got some work done on the Rome book yesterday. I realized a huge error with the book and had to ditch about 6 pages and rewrite them. Then I need to add another chapter to fill it out some. It’s coming along and I’m getting immersed in the story again. I’m still on track to finish the draft by February 1.

Then I did a bit of work on the next contemporary. It’s mostly done but the beginning needed a lot of chopping, so I did that. I really need to get back on track with that one and figure out the direction and who the heroine actually ends up with. I sort of left her in limbo. 🙂

Had a really nice evening with Man last night. Even though we had to drive out to my brother’s to deliver the bed, we had a nice time together in the car. We stopped for Sonic and had fattening burgers. Then we watched our two episodes of Legends of the Seeker to get caught up. I have to say, I really like that show! And, in case you don’t know, it’s based on the Terry Goodkind Sword of Truth books. I read the first couple of those and now I’m wanting to pick them back up again. Mr. Goodkind’s writing is fabulous. And I just happy to love fantasy, too. Anyway, Man really enjoys that show for the hot girls (he loves Kahlan). I may have to invest in a Confessor outfit. 😉

And now it’s back to work. sigh

By Michelle

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