Had my chapter meeting today and it was great. Lots of energy and there were two fantastic speakers – Cindy Dees and Evelyn Vaughn. They talked about series collaboration and their Madonna Keys series and it was very interesting.

Afterward, we had the quick audit of the chapter accounting books. Took about 10 minutes and I was relieved to see that all was in order. I can’t help it – I’m anal. 😉

Then we headed to B&N for a book signing with Candace Havens. She’s soooo great. And of course we share a love of shoes, so I told her all about ShoeIQ.Com and she’s going to have her website guy link to it. WOOHOO! Got her latest book and had her sign it, too. Met up with some writer girlfriends there and had a blast talking books and other things.

Now I’m home and I’m beat. Since my baby boy spent the night with me – and subsequently hogged the bed – I’m in need of a nap. Which is just what I think I’m going to do!

Happy Saturday, ya’ll.

By Michelle

I wish you all could be inside my head. The conversation is sparkling.