Rye Chips and Hard Cider

I slept until after 9 this morning and it was glorious. Of course, I had to take a sleeping aid last night because, despite my exhaustion, I couldn’t sleep. The brain wouldn’t turn off and it was frustrating.

This morning I struggled out of bed – I’m still tired by the way – and managed to make a grocery list. After unloading my trunk with all the boxes, I headed to the store. I was so happy to find a bag of Giardino’s rye chips! WOOHOO! So after lunch that’s what I had – rye chips and some hard cider. Gosh I love both of those.

Got my newsletter out today too. Now I think I’m going to go work on NGD for a bit. Maybe I can finish it today if I can get going on it. I have the entire day after all.

By Michelle

I wish you all could be inside my head. The conversation is sparkling.