Song of the Day: Talk Dirty To Me by Poison

You know that feeling when something really really good happens? And you get heat shooting through you. You break into a hot-cold sweat and it feels like your head is going to explode. And then hyperventilate. Yeah, that’s how I felt yesterday when I read that email offering me – me! – a contract for my novella. This is how I feel today:

Image curtesy of Emotion Eric

And to think… I was ready to quit writing. Despite everyone telling me NOT to give up, I still felt like throwing in the towel. I was disgusted, disappointed. Tired of rejection and being good but not good enough. But then… I got it.

I sent the thing on a whim (and at the urging of CeCe!), thinking nothing would come of it. But the next day I got a request for a full. I had a glimmer of excitement and sent it in the day before Thanksgiving. And NOW! An acceptance from Samhain Publishing!

I read over the contract last night and it’s a go. I’m signing it today and putting it in the mail and WOO I’m so excited I could just bust a gut.

And, not only did I receive a publishing contract (that still sounds so weird to me), but my cheesecake baked PERFECTLY. No cracking! I took my time, put a 13 x 9 dish of hot water in the over BEFORE preheating. The cheesecake (chocolate caramel pecan) baked happily. I only went the minimum baking time and when it was done, I opened the oven door and turned it off, letting it cool that way instead of shocking the thing by taking it right out of the oven.

Oh boy, it’s beautiful! One of my best yet!

Gotta get more Christmas shopping done today. I’m off to Bed Bath & Beyond, Wal Mart and possibly Super Target. Gonna be busy today. And I’m making Husband taken down the tree and ornaments from the attic. We’re decorating for Christmas this weekend!

By Michelle

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