Tonight, Best Good Friend is throwing a dinner party for Brother’s birthday at The Man’s restaurant. We get to sit at the captain’s table and I’m SO excited about it! I got my hair cut and my toes done for the occasion. My mommy’s going too. 🙂 Of course, I don’t want to look good for Brother cos that would be weird. HA

Yesterday I was in traning all day for Dreamweaver and can I just say this is the coolest program EVER? I want to go back and take Lvl 2 and 3. The lvl 1 class was very basic, though, and I didn’t come away learning a lot. I could have figured all that out on my own just playing in the program. Anyway, it was a good class.

I’ve rewritten the book blurb for the website. Well, I even had help on that. Gaw, how pathetic. But at least it’s done and as soon as it’s polished I’m going to turn that in.

Can I tell you how relieved I am it’s done?

Anyway… last night I tackled painting the bedroom ceiling. I DO NOT recommend it. It’s a gigantic mess. Even though the ceiling looks really damn good. I still need to do the edging but I gave out last night. I was too tired to continue. The Sweetie Boy fell asleep at 7! So I had the whole evening to wander through the house – that’s when I decided to paint.

He crawled in bed with me sometime or another and then a few hours later woke me up. “Mom, I’m hungry and thirsty.” He didn’t have dinner since he slept right through it. So we got up at 3:45 am and got juice and then went back to bed.

This morning, we got up and finished reading Night of the Ninjas and then had cinnamon rolls for breakfast. I’ve done two loads of laundry and am about to hit the shower becuase I have to run up to the office and get my work computer – which I forgot.

Tomorrow, I’m off to Mom’s for another birthday dinner for Brother – he’s getting the royal treatment lately.

And now for something completely different:

For some laughs, read Voodoo’s Army of Princesses post here and her Release It Into The Wild post here. With Voodoo, hilarity definitely ensues.

And if you’re single and want to share your thoughts, Ames is blogging about that here and here.

That’s it for me. I’m off to shower!

By Michelle

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