Saturday Part II

Okay… Okay…

First… the mortgage company doesn’t see fit to post my check until the 15th, so why the bloody hell am I bothering to mail it on the 1st? Forget that. I have one more paycheck this month and I’m going to use it to pay off two credit cards. That will allow me to start the year off somewhat out of debt. Right?

Second… Target was a beating! :dead: However, I did get my fennel and my fresh thyme. BUT I forgot to buy eggs and chocolate cookies for the crust on my chocolate cheesecake next week. I have about 230498 people in the store and Sweetie Boy to thank for that. On the other hand, I DID get a really cool decanter and a small food processor and I stayed under $50. :thumbsup:

Third… Made it to Barnes & Noble and bought the teacher a gift, a friend a gift, AND my calendars for 2007 – two wall calendars (one for work and one for home) and my Just The Right Shoe mini page-a-day calendar (for desk at work). Happy!

Fourth… I baked. Made devils food cake in my mini bundt pans. CUTE! I’m going to put a mocha glaze on them tomorrow and give them away to the ladies in the office. Nothing like a sinful treat, eh?

Fifth… Got my toll tag! This will allow me to drive on the toll roads without having to have change at the ready. This is also good because The Man is across town and I have to drive on three toll roads to get to him. NOW, I can do it with my handy-dandy toll tag. SWEET

And sixth… Am tired. But am about to go make my roasted veggies and pork loin. Already made the marinade for the pork loin and it smelled divine. Can’t wait to cook up this feast (just wish I had that roasting pan I want from Williams-Sonoma…)

By Michelle

I wish you all could be inside my head. The conversation is sparkling.