Saturday Part II – Expensive

Wow what an expensive day this has turned into. Had to have a new emergency brake pads put on the car in addition to a new set of tires. Talk about CHA-CHING. Damn. But it had to be done since I had three – yes three – leaky tires and the tread was nearly gone. It was nice to see, however, that the brake pads, shoes, and front end alignment were all okay.

Then DH was in the market for a new pair of Oakleys and anyone who knows about those sunglasses know they don’t come cheap. He got polarized lenses, too. And then seeing how scratched and beat up my lenses were, we bought me new lenses, too. (They’re call Fire and WOO they are cool.) My lenses are also polarized and WOW what a difference. So, once again CHA-CHING.

Now I think I’m going to go visit some old friends – the fantasy novel – and see about working on chapter four.

After I finish watching Attila…

By Michelle

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