Say what you mean, mean what you say

Progress Update: Finished the read-through of the contemporary – YES! Now I need to make the corrections and I’ll be ready to send it out. WOO! Also wrote some words on the new book. Not much, though. And most of that was a synopsis of what I wanted to happen. Also figured out what to do with the gladiator book. More details to come.

I had one of those “I’m distracted” days all day. I don’t know exactly why. I actually have been getting sleep the last few nights. I wonder if it’s because I’m eating Blue Bell Dutch Chocolate Ice Cream before bed? 😉 I’m going to blame my distraction on (1) it was too pretty outside to be working; (2) my allergies were bugging me and (3) all I really wanted to do was finish my read-through.

I even had a hard time getting new words in on the scifi–correction. I say scifi but that’s not entirely accurate. Devon, you are absolutely correct in that the “science” part of science fiction has to be well-researched. What I’m calling a scifi isn’t really a scifi. Perhaps futuristic is more accurate. Or science fantasy. Or, heck, even space opera. But there’s definitely no “science” in the fiction other than it’s in space, there are ships, there are superheroes, and there are aliens.

But back to my dilemma. I have an outline which I’m kinda-sorta following. I veered left in the story, though, and decided not to split up the hero and heroine as early on as I intended. Act 2 of the book, however, will have them split up and then Act 3 will be the climax, they get back together, and save the world. Yesterday I had a particularly difficult writing day and ended up writing things like: “They walk into the palace, talk to XX character, and discover they have to go to XX planet.” Where XX = pronoun. Yeah. That’s not exactly progress. So I decided to concentrate the rest of my efforts on the contemporary this week and then start with a fresh brain next week on the, um, future book. 😀

TAKS tests were Tuesday and Wednesday for the kiddo–he’s in 3rd grade and has to pass to get to 4th. Can I just say that the HUGE amount of pressure they put on these kids to pass (regardless of their grades all year) is RETARDED? The whole system is stupid, stupid, stupid and needs to be abolished. Thankfully, he’s had an awesome teacher this year who teaches real school work instead of TAKS prep all year. Still, I don’t like that or the whole “no child left behind” deal. Life isn’t about Everyone Is A Winner. Life is about getting rejected and, you know, LOSING. I think our kids should lose and learn the hard lessons that way. At any rate, I’m glad the tests are over and the kiddo seems to think he did okay on them (I mean, he finished the tests in less than two hours; he better have passed!).

And, I still haven’t had my glasses prescription filled so staring at the screen is bugging me. I’m signing off. Happy Thursday!

By Michelle

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