Scarlet Fever


Saturday started out like any normal Saturday. The cat woke me up at 6:30 with his insistent meowing. I finally got up, fed him, and went back to bed but it was useless. I ended up getting up about an hour later and drinking coffee.

The baby boy got up and I cooked bacon, eggs, and cinnamon rolls for breakfast. While we were eating, I noticed something. He had these red splotches all over his face. I was immediately alarmed. He’d been running fever off and on for the last few days so I worried something was definitely wrong.

We headed to the doctor’s office, which is open on weekends (thankfully). I called his dad on the way to let him know what was going on. An hour later, we left there with his diagnosis – Scarlet Fever.

The doctor said he was highly contagious and he probably got it from strep. He asked if his throat had been hurting but Sweetie Boy said no. Shocking. This is the weirdest sick kid I’ve ever seen. He acted normal the entire time we were in there. Not like he was in any great pain and suffering. So the doc prescribed antibiotics.

And I called his dad to let him know we’d all been exposed to it.

Crossing fingers I don’t get sick.

It certainly put a monkey wrench in the day. I had plans to go to The Man’s resturant for an early dinner that night. Canceled. I had planned to hit Target. Canceled.

Instead, we went home, ate lunch and watched E.T. And it made me cry, darn it. I forgot how great a movie that is.

He played in his room and still acted normal. Ran a low grade fever of 99 and that was it. Ran low grade late Sunday but other than that, he was fine.

We got up Sunday morning, had breakfast, went to the grocery store. Then we went to Target and got hima new backpack for school. Got home and cleaned my dirty house. At one point Sweetie Boy announced he was bored and I was working too hard. hehe

Later that afternoon we hit the big sale at JCPenney for school clothes. I saved $85 with the sale and the extra percent off I had. It was wonderful.

Back at home, I fried chicken tenders and he played on the computer while I finally sat down for the first time all day. It was a huge relief to get him settled down for bed because I finally got really relax. For a weekend of a whole lot of nothing, I sure am tired.

He was mad he wasn’t going to get to go to work with me on Monday. Apparently, he got used to that when we did the week of MusiCamp.

I seriously can’t believe it’s Monday again. Time flies when you have a sick kid who thinks he’s not sick…

Anyway – there’s lots of things happening this week. On Wednesday, an anthology put together by some writing colleagues will be available for download. I’ll have more on that then so be on the look out for that.

And I still need to get my short story up for download. I’ve been working on BREAK and get it finalized. I need to get it back to the editor this week.

Lots to do. And not nearly enough time in the day.


By Michelle

I wish you all could be inside my head. The conversation is sparkling.