Searches and Baking

Today’s blog entry features a few searches that found their way to my blog.

Lots of Gerard Butler (yeah, baby) including “Gerard Butler girlfriend” (that’s me!) and “Gerard Butler hot pics” (got ‘em!)

Lots of searches for Hurricane Rita

Here’s a funny one:
cool and pretty girl michelle ye
michelle ye of HERO
(I guess they were looking for Michelle Ye…heh)

This one freaks me out:
woman olde 60 for sex

And HEY check this one out:
look like Christi Brinkley


Why boys should never cook inside the house
Husband smoked a brisket yesterday. It smells fantastic, but the wood smoke smell has permeated every orifice of the house. Not only that, but he finished it up all night in the oven. I’ve been burning candles all day trying to kill the smell. So far, so good.

So today I decide to bake my famous chocolate cheesecake (SINFUL and TO DIE FOR chocolate cheesecake). Turn on the oven and it immediately starts to smoke. He had spilled the brisket juices on the inside of the oven and on the heating element. NOW the smell is all over the house again and NOW I have to wait until the oven is cool again before I can clean and then bake. Do you think he’s going to clean it? HELL NO.

Hell I can even smell the wood smoke UPSTAIRS in the office. ARGH.

Guess I’ll go check and see if it’s cool enough to clean. THEN… back to baking.

By Michelle

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