Seeing Stars

Last night, I got to experience hockey in high style. The owner of an electrical subcontractor and his wife took Husband and I to the Stars game. And WOO was it a good time.

We had dinner in the Platinum Club. I’ve never experienced this before and may I just say the food was delicious? A buffet but WOW… great salad bar, excellent main choices, and to-die-for desserts. I had two glasses of a very nice merlot. By the time we made it down to our seats, I had a great buzz.

The seats were about three rows off the glass and directly behind the visitor penalty box. I was in heaven sitting so close to hockey boys. The first two periods were flat and boring and the Stars were down 1-0 by the start of the third period.

Of course, I text messaged Sysenlaw throughout the game in the hopes she would see us on TV, but alas, she did not. While I was texting, the kid next to me (who couldn’t have been more than 17 or 18) said, “Are you checking the score on the football game?” (Texas was playing in the Rose Bowl last night.) I said, “Dude, I hate football. Hockey is the only thing that matters.”

I couldn’t help it. I was in the midst of a high – hockey and wine buzz – and I didn’t really want to be interrupted with talk for sorry football.

Anyway… the start of the third left the row to my left vacated except for one drunken idiot, who actually turned out to be quite hilarious. The fans were restless and desperate for a goal. We taunted the opposing team, especially when Salo got in the penalty box. We whined his last night just to irk him. When the offending player stood to exit the box, the fans would shout for him to sit down.

Finally the Stars got it going with a goal, tying up the game. Drunk Dude next to me got very excited, especially when the beer guy showed up. Meanwhile, the beautiful Jason Arnott:


…skated by and was literally standing right in front of me. “Jason! Yer fine ass needs to score!” and lo and behold…he skates down to the other end, he shoots, he scores! I’d like to think I had something to do with that. And he DOES have a fine ass.

Anyway… a few minutes later, El Capitan Mike Modano scored the game winner. And then it was all said and done. I picked up my kiddo late and got home even later. I gathered together Sweetie Boy’s school stuff (I sorely missed that kid, too) and then crashed hard and heavy. Even though I only had two glasses of wine, I still feel like I have a hangover. I think it’s more of a food hangover than an alcohol hangover. Or maybe it’s a hockey hangover… anyway… it was a great time.

This morning my son was very sad. I think he missed us last night. He was sleeping when I picked him up and didn’t wake up the entire time I drove home and Husband put him in his bed. The little sweetie. He just stood there and wept when I was getting things together to go and it was breaking my heart. I felt like a bad parent being gone all evening so I took him to Starbucks and got him a green tea frappuccino and me a vanilla latte. I needed the coffee anyway. That seemed to smooth things over and he was happier when I dropped him off.

And now I owe I owe… it’s off to work I go (and more coffee).

By Michelle

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