Selena Blake: Addiction to Romance

A few weeks ago, I blogged over at fellow Cobblestone author’s blog, Selena Blake. Today, I’m pleased to welcome her here, talking about her addiction to romance.  Check out her books at the Cobblestone Press website, won’t you?

My friend Leila Brown recently blogged about Addiction over on the BlindBet blog and it got me thinking about why I keep coming back to erotic romance. What is it that has me addicted to both the books and writing?

I mean, let’s face it. If writing wasn’t hard, everyone would do it. And if publishing wasn’t hard, everyone would be published. It’s tough to sit down every day, stare at a blank screen and make something from nothing. To write a story that readers will want to read. There is so much to consider when writing a book, from characterization to plot to theme to setting. There’s agonizing over the first line, which we’re discussing over on Double the Pleasure, to writing a blurb that concisely describes an entire book.

No, this is not an easy job.

So why am I addicted?

#1 Completion

There’s an incredible feeling once I’ve finished a book. I’ve put time, thought, dedication into it. And once a book is complete, once two lovers (or three lovers ;-)) have “come home at last,” it’s great to feel like “I did that. I got them together. They’re together forever.”

Likewise, when I read a story, there’s a feeling that things are lined up in the universe. And I like that.

#2 Enjoyment

I enjoy telling and reading a good story.

#3 Lust, desire, passion

Who doesn’t want to enjoy those things? I certainly do. I want to feel something. I want to experience the desires that the characters experience. I want to take that sensual journey myself…and perhaps even learn something knew.

#4 Reader enjoyment

I love reader mail. I love comments on myspace, feedback on my blog. I sincerely hope readers like my books. I write for me first and my readers second. That’s a pretty close race. So yes, I want readers to enjoy the books, the love, the lust. And I definitely like hearing from them.

So what about you? What feeds your addiction? Why are you in love with romance?

Selena Blake is the bestselling author of the Stormy Weather series. She writes paranormal romance and contemporary erotic suspense. Learn more about her, her books, and her latest contests at

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